A message from Loren Data’s founder; Todd Gould

“I just wanted to share a couple of thoughts about the upcoming Retailer Summit in Pittsburgh.

X12 and the retail sector have been intimately linked since the inception of X12 over 30 years ago. Since then, TRILLIONS of transactions have been facilitated by these standards. 

 X12 is not a think-tank that comes up with ideas and passes them down to the industry from an ivory tower.  X12 is a collaborative environment where industry and stakeholders come together at the same table, work through issues, problems and needs, creating standards that are viable throughout the retail industry. That’s the power of X12.

Please join us at the Retailer Summit to learn more about the potential of X12 to help empower retailers now and in the future. ”                                                        

                                                                            -Todd Gould, CEO of Loren Data

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