Retail Summit II, Great Success!!

Good Morning Everyone!

I would love to first thank everyone who attended Retail Summit II in Portland.  Not only for their time, but their invaluable input, expertise and unique experiences which were brought to the table by everyone there.  Retail Summit II was a great success and we have all of you to thank for that!

And, more importantly, due to the success of Retail Summit II, we can officially say that B2x RSC, a subcommittee of under a new arm of X12 has been born!

While having many discussions in the morning and afternoon sessions led by Loren Data’s CEO, Todd Gould, everything was put on the table, nothing left out.   Issues from the current state of X12 and Retail to what it’s future holds and, more importantly, how this future can be changed for the better.

It was an absolute pleasure for Jim Taylor, Chairman of the Board of X12 to join us and share his insightful thoughts and opinions.  Thank you Jim!

Thank you again to Rick Flaute with EDICT Systems who was gracious enough to host a wonderful lunch for everyone.

To finish off a great day, Loren Data hosted a fabulous social  with friends and colleagues alike.

This is a truly exciting time… B2x RSC is the organization you WILL want to be part of, this is the path which will lead X12 into the future for all in the EDI Community.

Be sure to sign up with the link below to be included with B2x RSC – first virtual meeting is 15 Feb 2018 – details to follow.

Thank you!

Shelley Donkin
Marketing Liaison
Loren Data Corp.


Retail Summit II is Almost Here!!

Hello Everyone!

It is almost time for Retail Summit II in Portland!  We are greatly looking forward to this event and seeing all of you there!  There is a full day planned as well as an evening social filled with colleagues and friends alike.

We want to hear your thoughts and opinions on this subject… Remember, everything is on the table here, it all counts!  There are still a few spaces available, so please join us!

See you there!


Retail Summit II Agenda!

Hello Everyone!

Here is the agenda for the upcoming Retail Summit sponsored by Loren Data and hosted by X12 at the Trimester Meeting in Portland, OR on January 23, 2018.

Retail Summit II - Agenda - Rev1

It is not too late to be a part of this event!  There is still time to join us in Portland, we welcome you and your ideas!  Please join us!

What is Retail Summit II, you ask?

I’m glad you asked!

Way back in the old days of EDI (and there are a few here on EDI-L that were actually there), many people from many industries and skill sets came together to create standards at X12. Those standards were created from scratch. There was no ubiquitous internet, no XML or JSON or anything really. Just 300 baud modems and very, very expensive communication lines. From nothing, these people created a lasting standard.

Perfect? No. Excellent? Most certainly! Decades later these standards continue to be a key component of B2B eCommerce.

Retail Summit II is reigniting that fire to create the next generation of standards.

But understand this very important point:
X12 does not make standards!

Again, I want  you to understand this:
X12 does not make standards

X12 is a space where YOU and other industry stakeholders come together, collaborate and create standards

This is where Retailers, Suppliers, Shippers, Distributors, 3PL Operators, Software Developers, Consultants, Service Providers, Network Providers – EVERYONE – comes together and envisions and invents the future. This is where magic happens.

Bring your business need, your technical acumen, your insight. Whatever your special sauce is, come add it to the recipe.

Everything is on the table – web services, JSON, XML and more – it all counts. We have such great tools to work with and now is the time to design the future with them.

To that end, I personally have worked hard to carve out a new space at X12 – one that is not tied to the legacy ISA formats nor the long drawn out process. We have a whole new part of X12 that can draw from that past success, learn from the failures and interject it with your experience. Retail Summit II needs you.


Please come join me in Portland on January 23 for Retail Summit II. I look forward to seeing you there!

Kindest regards,


Start 2018 In A Great Way! Join Us for Retail Summit II

Hello Everyone!

After the great success of this past Retail Summit, we are so pleased to be in the planning process of the next event, Retail Summit II! Please join us in Portland, Oregon on January 23, 2018… this will be a great way to kick off the new year!

We are planning a fantastic event so stay tuned for all the new and exciting details to come. You will be able to reserve your rooms using the link below. Be sure to plan your stay now for this exciting event!

Please fill out the form below if you plan to attend or would like to be kept in the loop.

See you all there in 2018!