Retail Summit II, Great Success!!

Good Morning Everyone!

I would love to first thank everyone who attended Retail Summit II in Portland.  Not only for their time, but their invaluable input, expertise and unique experiences which were brought to the table by everyone there.  Retail Summit II was a great success and we have all of you to thank for that!

And, more importantly, due to the success of Retail Summit II, we can officially say that B2x RSC, a subcommittee of under a new arm of X12 has been born!

While having many discussions in the morning and afternoon sessions led by Loren Data’s CEO, Todd Gould, everything was put on the table, nothing left out.   Issues from the current state of X12 and Retail to what it’s future holds and, more importantly, how this future can be changed for the better.

It was an absolute pleasure for Jim Taylor, Chairman of the Board of X12 to join us and share his insightful thoughts and opinions.  Thank you Jim!

Thank you again to Rick Flaute with EDICT Systems who was gracious enough to host a wonderful lunch for everyone.

To finish off a great day, Loren Data hosted a fabulous social  with friends and colleagues alike.

This is a truly exciting time… B2x RSC is the organization you WILL want to be part of, this is the path which will lead X12 into the future for all in the EDI Community.

Be sure to sign up with the link below to be included with B2x RSC – first virtual meeting is 15 Feb 2018 – details to follow.

Thank you!

Shelley Donkin
Marketing Liaison
Loren Data Corp.